Saturday Night

by Nicholas James and the Bandwagon

Released 8/30/2011
Released 8/30/2011
Folk, Country, Rock, Americana
  • 04:55 Story Lyrics Saturday Night
    G D The bullfrogs bellow and the sun is yellow and it just keeps going around, Children are singing and the bells are ringing and everybody's dancing to the sound, Put your feet on the ground, come on down, there's gonna be some dancing tonight, Everyone will be there so make sure you bring a lawn chair, it's a party here on Saturday night. Saturday night, Saturday night, They come from all around to listen to the sound of the band on Saturday night. Mama's in the kitchen but she's switching what she's fixing cause we can't wait for the pot to roast, We got a whole loaf of bread and two dozen eggs so everybody's having french toast, Barndog called for bacon, we were makin' Shake and Bake and so we let that piggly wiggly squiggle fry, How 'bout some sweet potato fries and some homemade apple pie? No one goes hungry here on Saturday night. Saturday night, Saturday night, Kin folk they come together then they have a big ol' dinner then they sing a song on Saturday night. Joey Plays the banjo but he doesn't like Daniel so they wont play on the same song, But Daniel plays the fiddle like a genius solves a riddle so it's such a shame that they don't get along, So I came up with a plan to help them understand that the music will make everything alright, I'm gonna put em in a room and make em play a tune, we're all family here on Saturday night. Saturday night, Saturday night, Whatever you are feeling let the music do the healing have some fun on Saturday night. Brother Bear he takes the photos and Seth he plays the solos and Daisy May is singing us a song, When the musics all gone you've got to shine on and everybody's singing along, Monkeypants is gonna dance and Sunchilds gonna ask if everyone is feeling alright, You know Buck is gonna smile and glow for a while and shine on Saturday night. Saturday Night, Saturday Night, Have a little jamboree with my big ol' family every single Saturday night. Hop on the Bandwagon, everybody's havin' fun on Saturday night.
  • 02:58 Lyrics Great Big Dream
    G I want a little home on top of the hill D G Where my dogs can roam and come and go as they will C G And a little pond or a little stream D G Just a little home, but it's a great big dream It's gonna be quiet every night We're gonna burn a fire and candlelight Sing a little song, burn off a little steam In the little home of my great big dream (chorus:) D G In my little home, In my little home C D In the little home of my great big dream G D C There's a weeping willow tree G D C hanging over the stream G D G In the little home of my great big dream Gonna watch the sun set through the trees Gonna listen for trains floating through the breeze And up on the porch there's a little swing In the little home of my great big dream (chorus) And inside just waiting for me Sits a little woman, happy as can be And the kids have gone to bed so there aint no little screams In the little home of my great big dream chorus x2
  • 04:02 Lyrics My Love, My Love
    My Love, My Love Am Am G My Love, My Love these things you'll do Am Am G if your love for me is true Am G C so many things I'll ask of you Am G Am My Love, My Love these things you'll do Will you give me babies 1, 2, 3 Love them even more than me Your whole world they will be when you give me babies 1, 2, 3 Will you keep a warm and happy home leave me notes when you are gone will you never let me feel alone Will you keep a warm and happy home Will you rub my back and rub my feet cook me very meal I eat will you be my shoulder when I weep will you rub my back, rub my feet will you sing for me your lovely song teach me how to sing along the bells are ringing ding, ding, dong when you sing for me your lovely song My love, my love I ask of you nothing that I wouldn't do each day I will cherish you My love, my love I promise you
  • 02:37 Lyrics Front Porch
    Front Porch G A I'm hanging out on my front porch, having a good time Bm C I'm looking out for the world as it spins and it twirls D C G From the little front porch that's mine The neighbor across the street is grilling out The neighbors next door they're chilling out Their kids are in the yard they're playing a game And I can hear what they're saying: “Ring ring around the rosie, Gotta pocket full of posey, Ashes ashes we all fall down.” And all the neighbors are gathering around Chorus The neighbor down the road is mowing his lawn, I like to leave mine just a little bit long I like to see the pretty flowers bloom I like to put them in each and every room. Most of all I like the sunshine A cup of coffee in the morning time The birds are singing Amazing Grace Man I love this place
  • 02:43 Lyrics Wishing Well
    I wish there was a wishing well, where all the world could wish you well. Oh what a story it would tell, my wish, my wish, my wishing well I'd wish upon my wishing well, for it to cast a happy spell, for sadness to drop like the rain that fell, inside my wish, my wish, my wishing well.
  • 03:17 Lyrics Farmers Stand
    Farmers Stand I'm goin down to the farmers stand gonna give my money to a working man feeding his family the best he can by growing my food on his land I'm gonna get some food to eat some taters and some celery boy oh boy I love my beets especially grown locally Sittin all day in the farmers stand working on his farmers tan with a big ol smile he shakes my hand and i say hello to the farming man Corn and greens and squash and beans and the biggest taters you've ever seen When it's grown organically it's better for your family I see a sign as I'm driving down the street sweet cherries 50 feet pull over to the farmers stand say hello to the farming man Reading a book to pass the time Watching all the cars drive by some of them stop and say hello they buy some food and then they go I think Mother nature knows more than Monsanto hormones and GMO's is not how to make things grow
  • 02:58 Lyrics Walk on Wine
    Walk on Wine Jesus walked on water, they say that this is true If I could do the same thing let me tell you what I'd do I'd turn that water into wine I'd walk out to the middle and drop myself inside If Jesus walked on water maybe I could walk on wine It was just the other night at dinner with a friend he said "are you a soldier, a christian to the end" I though long and hard said I am a singer of songs I ain't nobody's savior and I ain't righting no wrongs He said do you believe in the stories of the Bible, son? He said will you have a home when your race is run I said if it's a race I will let you win and maybe in heaven I will see you again I thought about my friend as i drifted off in bed Jesus was in my dream and this is what he said "The temple lies within you whether or not you believe He said don't worry son, you're alright with me"
  • 05:57 Lyrics Lone Star
    Lone Star (in the Northern Sky) "You'd better not come to Texas if you want to stay alive If I see you near my property again you wont survive" If you're gonna walk on another mans land Don't be surprised when you see him with a gun in his hand They say don't mess around with Texas and I didn't mean to None of this was ever part of the plan but there was nothing I could do The sign said no trespassing but I did it anyway The letters were written in diamonds and gold so I made no plans to stay I'll jump the fence and drink from the river and climb back out again No harm, no foul, no damage done to another mans land How was I supposed to know that I'd fall in love What was I supposed to do? She loved me too How was I supposed to know? I didn't think I'd leave my footprints in the sand on the riverbank "You'd better not come to Texas if you want to stay alive. . ."
  • 03:27 Lyrics Hold on 'til July
    Hold on till July G C It was over in February G But we held on till June D The writing was on the wall G and it all spelled doom we held on with all we could and I can't tell you why if i could do it all over again I might hold on til July --------------------- We met in May Fell in love in July I would've never guessed that I would see you cry But september rolled in something changed from within I would've never thought that I could mourn a baby that was never born October was filled with pain I knew then it'd never be the same November was filled with shame when you backed out on me again i remember on new years eve you wouldn't even speak to me i should've just stayed home turned off my telephone in january we tried again to revive the love that once had been in february at our lovers retreat a broken heart was all you gave to me we probably could've broke up any time it wouldn't matter it would be just fine we stayed together out of love but in the end it just wasn't enough ------------------------------- it was over in february but we held on till june the writing was on the wall and it all spelled doom we held on with all we could and i cant tell you why but if i could do it all over again i might hold on till july
  • 03:23 Lyrics Sweet Lovin' Hippie Mama
    Sweet Lovin Hippie Mama capo2 G C Gotta find a sweet loving hippie mama to say I love you everyday G D Gotta find a sweet loving hippie mama to take these blues away Em With a patchwork skirt and a flower in her hair, C Down by the seaside, she's waiting there G She's my sweet loving hippie mama D G And she will be mine C G With her hear wide open, tattoos exposed D G She's meditating in the lotus pose C G When she saw me it was as if she knew D she said where you been I've been looking for you (Chorus) C G She's radiant, hasn't bathed in days D G The sun has left a glow on her face C G with love in her eyes she says hello D and we fall in love dancing to the show (Instrumental) (Bridge) C Em we could buy a bus, live inside Bm A travel around the countryside C we could work on farms Em make enough to eat A D love is all we really neeeeed (Chorus)
  • 02:30 Lyrics Another Time
    Another Time Well I can't really show you how much I want to hold you, how much I want to make you mine So for now I'll hold my breath, Hold my words inside my chest and save them for another time. Another time, another time Someday somehow I will make you mine But for now I hold my breath hold my words inside my chest and save them for another time I'll write you pretty poems and sing you pretty songs and tell you that I love you everyday I will hold you tight kiss you goodnight and show you so much love in every way (chorus) (Key Change to D) I love your eyes and I love your hair and I love to see you smile When the time is right I'll blow out the candlelight, kiss you goodnight and hold you tight (chorus x2)
  • 06:51 Lyrics Someday
    Someday E A E Someday someone is gonna love me A E the way that I need to be loved F#m E and that day I will be ready Someday, someone is gonna show me The way love should be the way life should be I sing Amazing Grace when i feel out of place and i pray just in case Someday, someone is gonna love me